Middle East Career Carnival 2007 (MECC) was held at Cairo Convention Centre (CICC) in Cairo on 26-27 November 2007. The MECC was launched by our very own Prime Minister, YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi on the 26th Nov.

It was an effort to reach out to students in the Middle East, especially in Egypt and to enlighten them of the employment opportunities in Malaysia. The carnival focused on the employment industry at home particularly in areas such as Islamic Banking, hospitality and education. Sadly, not much was focused on us, medical students.

The most highlighted event perhaps the ‘Anugerah Mahasiswa Cemerlang’ in which our very own Nahdia Afifah of 3rd year and Firdaus Mohd Yusof of 2nd year, both were receiving the award for being ‘Mumtaz’ in the last examination by Pak Lah himself!. Of course the MC had to annoy us by mistaking Firdaus as an Alex student but it was unexceptionally a proud to all of Mansoura students and for Firdaus himself as he was so glamorously taking pictures with the PM on the stage. Congratulation! Hopefully this will be an inspiration for all of us to work harder for the next examination.

2 Responses to Middle East Carer Carnival 2007 (MECC)
  1. Tahun depan aku lak yang ambik anugerah dengan Pak Lah… Tapi rasanya tak kot..faham2 lah… Sekarang dekat musim Piliharaya.. Tak Heran kalau ramai pemimpin tiba2 jadi baik pelikkkk jer…

  2. i think the carnival was so~so n not tat interesting but it’s okay,still got many rooms for improvement,besides br pertame kali aite?..huh,seriously,tat boy from mansoura??ahaks.if i hadnt read this page, i wudnt know tat firdaus from here,hee.nway, congrats to both of the receivers.u guys surely make mansourians proud! keep up da excellent work~ n a special appreciation to Pak Lah, thx for visiting us tho it was only for a while,=)..lastly, all da best to mansourians~ MANSOURIANS R HOT TO GO!


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